Week in review: March 10-March 16, 2018

I’ve had a rather busy week! And a worthwhile one, too, I think. Of its many occasions, these I choose to share:


Almost twenty thousand words this week – seventeen of which went toward a single story, which as of this writing approaches the length of a novel.

It is not a novel! Word count notwithstanding – and what does word count truly measure, anyway? The story is of draft quality throughout; in particular, having been written in episodic fashion and shared with its audience one piece at a time, much occurs in latter portions which might have profitably been suggested, indeed even commenced upon, beforehand.

It is not a novel. But perhaps I shall make it so, one day. NaNoWriMo never beckoned me before – but I think I might now find it worth my while. And even if I don’t – I have vastly enjoyed it in the writing! And I am told by the members of its audience that they have found it worth their while, as well. And, too – as I mentioned in last week’s rather straggling update, I haven’t written fiction in twenty years – well, I suppose I need no longer fear I have lost the knack. I have been forcibly disabused of that notion!


And too and just as forcibly, disabused of the notion that I will not recover this skill – recover, and improve upon. In one nine-hour sitting Sunday, this is what I drew:

I did not decide to draw it. I saw its inspiration, and fetched my tablet and pens, and set to work, and barely paused until it was finished. It is amateurish, to be sure – pen shading was never my best skill, and with only a set of Pilot Varsity fountain pens for color, there was only so much I could do in that regard – but I find it satisfying nonetheless, not least because I did it, and had not known I could.


It’s been a long, long time since I spent so many days blocked as I recently have – just stuck, on a recalcitrant bug that proved elusive no matter how deeply I probed those parts of the offending library where I thought it lay.

Of course, when I found it, it was somewhere else entirely – this being how such things always go. One term for this is “rabbit-holed”; I know many more, but none of them are printable.

Happily, I finished out the week on a strong note from there, delivering four separate changes and carrying one more nearly to the point of peer review – nearly, but for late-arising requirements documented nowhere before then. That’s the nature of the job, of course, and I do not begrudge it. But I’d felt I was on a roll, up to then.

Oh well! I’ll recapture it next week.


I got some lucky shots this week! We had a very windy day, enough so that a ring-beaked gull might pull as hard as it could into the wind and still find itself going backwards. I almost caught a faceful of one, a couple times in there! But I caught some decent shots, as well, though few framed as well as I’d like – I’m not very good as yet with handling focal length in real time, to catch fast-moving birds whose apparent size quickly changes. And one of a turkey vulture, soaring low overhead as I waited for my ride to work:

Until next week, then!

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