Week in review: March 24-March 30, 2018

It was a good week! And a busy one – and a busy weekend, too, which is why I’m writing this a day later than I usually do. (And finishing it a day after that!)

Well, I say “busy”. I had some trouble getting things done, through most of it. I found myself struggling to cope with a situation that’s quite far outside my recent experience; the last few years have been worthwhile, to be sure, and often good, but have done little to equip me for dealing with uncertainty and miscommunication in a relationship that’s otherwise healthy. We talked it out on Friday, and we’re good! But it was hard on both of us, in the interim. So I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I’d hoped.

But that’s okay! As long as I remember not to give up for good – remember to try again, just one more time. Which I did – and succeeded, and finished one of the stories I’ve been talking about here! A bit over forty-six thousand words of it – not bad for a first draft, and in November I mean to make a proper novel of it. It’s quite a good feeling, to have finished something of such scope! Even if it’s not really finished yet – but certainly I have made a proper start.

…I need a better process for these. I think I’ll make that this week’s goal: to find one.

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