I’m a Baltimore-based software engineer with a burgeoning photography habit. If you’re interested in seeing what I do with a camera, this site’s a good place for that. If you’re more interested in what I do for a living, take a look at my CV.

If you see something that moves you to get in touch, do so! I’m always happy to hear from anyone. Here’s where you find me:

(No Facebook or Twitter or what-have-you; I don’t really go in for the whole social media experience, or at any rate I haven’t thus far. Old-fashioned methods will have to suffice…)

And, of course, the standard disclaimers and boilerplate apply: I speak only for myself, and nothing here should be taken as the opinion or statement of any other person, organization, employer, or entity. All content © (current year) me, for whatever good that does me; all rights reserved, for likewise.